The partnership RUDE MECHANICALS was formed in 1997 to answer the demand for quality classroom support for the teaching of Design & Technology in Scottish primary schools. We now run in-service training for teachers and workshops for children throughout the UK and, in addition, develop specialised teaching materials and classroom equipment . We run popular workshops at Scotland's major Science Festivals, so if you are interested in seeing us in action why not visit one. (see links page)
(If you are puzzled by our name then please consult Shakespeare.s "A Midsummer Night's Dream - Act III scene II")

Born Kent 1933
After working in industry and variously as trawlerman and papermaker:

1958 to 1962
Medway College of Art
1962 to 1963 Brighton College of Art
1963 to 1964 Newbattle Abbey College
From 1965 taught art in Aberdeen and lectured in English and Economic History before entering the University of Edinburgh, graduating MA in 1969.
From 1969 to 1997 taught art and technology in primary schools in the Scottish Borders.
1984 he was appointed as artist to The Marine Society and in that capacity travelled many thousand sea miles.
Recent commissions include illustrations for Jean Moorcroft Wilson’s book ‘Virginia Woolf, Life and London’

Now and again people we have worked with say very nice things about the help we have give them. If you would like to read a selection click here

drawings by
Cathryn Evans
Bowhouse Primary School

Born Birmingham 1942
Left King Edward VI Camp Hill Grammar School after ‘O’ levels and went straight to:
1959 to1964 Birmingham College of Art
Including from..
1961 to 1963 Birmingham School of Jewellery and Silversmithing
From 1964 taught engineering metalwork in a Warwickshire High School and art in North Derbyshire
From 1974 to 1997 taught art and technology in primary schools in the Scottish Borders.
In 1983 was finalist in the MacDiarmid Memorial International Sculpture Competition.
Recent commissions include illustrations for Mary Low’s books, ‘Celtic Christianity and Nature’ and ‘St. Cuthbert’s Way’

Born Birmingham 1944
Ann is married to Dick.
Since Len and Dick have been more and more away from home Ann has become increasingly involved with the business - answering the 'phone, taking bookings, fielding enquities and relaying important information to the 'away team'.
Techfest 2003 was Ann's first venture out on the road.